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Our commitment is to serve you safe and undamaged goods.


We provide unbeatable LTL transportation service


Ability to deliver the expedite shipments in shortest possible times.


Our commitment is to provide local pickup and delivery service

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Stargate Logistics is a fast growing company in transportation industry. We will provide our customers with quality transportation services of the highest value. We bond to a stringent quality process to ensure on-time delivery; proactive communication and excellence in customer service. We are committed to maintaining relationship with our customers.

Stargate Logistics maintains a large fleet, company-owned operated vehicles to best serve your transportation needs, Whether you requires a short-haul, regional, long haul, or expedited service, Stargate Logistics provide service in everywhere in the United States and Canada. Our commitment is to serve you safe and undamaged goods.

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We have been transporting ocean containers for almost 2 decades. We will get the job done even when others say they can’t.

Quality service isn’t a special thing for us. It’s our standard. Our team is committed to providing the highest quality service possible.

We move fast so that our customers do not incur any unnecessary charges. Our team will help you find the most cost effective transportation solutions.

Our yards are strategically located near all major rail yards in the Chicago area so that when necessary we can prepull containers for our customers.

We will be there when a customer wants

We invite you to contact us with your requirements no matter how large or small. We assure you a professional approach to your needs at all times with satisfaction guaranteed.

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